Radical Ron is Wrong for Florida: Hurting Florida Schools, Students, and Educators

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On the final day of its “Ron is Wrong” series, the DGA is exposing how Ron DeSantis’ divisive, radical agenda hurts public schools, students, and educators.

DeSantis has turned Florida schools into a battleground for his own political agenda — and Florida families are paying the price:

  • Attempting to defund schools: Ron DeSantis supported a plan that would have defunded schools by $200 million — just for going against him and implementing commonsense public safety measures.
  • Making Florida’s teacher shortage worse: DeSantis has attacked and underpaid Florida school teachers and staff, making Florida’s school personnel shortage even worse. Florida is short 9,000 educators and is ranked 48th for teacher pay.
  • Censoring and silencing students: Instead of focusing on the quality of education kids receive, DeSantis is deadset on bullying students. DeSantis’ anti-LGBTQ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill silences and censors kids and makes schools less safe.

DeSantis’ political crusade isn’t just hurting schools and students. As the DGA has highlighted this week, DeSantis has also exacerbated Florida’s housing crisis, ripped away reproductive freedoms, blocked health care for nearly a million Floridians, and punished elected officials, businesses, and organizations who speak out against his radical agenda.

“Ron DeSantis’ constant attacks on schools make it harder for teachers to do their jobs and for students to learn in the classroom,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Even when it’s Florida kids’ education on the line, DeSantis still only cares about his own radical agenda and his 2024 presidential prospects. Florida schools are worse off under his leadership.”