Radical Ron is Wrong for Florida: Refusing to Expand Medicaid

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The DGA is continuing its “Ron is Wrong” series to kick off the general election by exposing Ron DeSantis for his refusal to give 800,000 additional Floridians access to health care by expanding Medicaid.

DeSantis “remains opposed to the expansion of Medicaid,” even though studies have shown that it would save the state $3.5 billion in addition to giving previously uninsured Florida residents access to health care coverage.

For the past week, the DGA has highlighted ways in which DeSantis is ignoring the biggest challenges facing Floridians just so he can push his extreme agenda. DeSantis has done next to nothing to address Florida’s housing crisis. Instead, he’s is prioritizing using the power of his office to attack businesses, elected officials, and organizations that speak out against him.

“Ron DeSantis’ refusal to expand Medicaid is another way he’s ignoring the top issues facing Floridians just to push his extreme agenda and promote himself ahead of his campaign for the White House next year,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Expanding health insurance to nearly one million Floridians and fixing Florida’s housing crisis should be no brainers, but DeSantis has made it clear that if it doesn’t help him get national attention for himself, he couldn’t care less about it. His selfish priorities are wrong for Florida.”