Radical Ron is Wrong for Florida: Abusing His Office to Punish Floridians Who Disagree With Him

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The DGA is continuing its “Ron is Wrong” series to kick off the general election by exposing Ron DeSantis for abusing his office to punish and silence elected officials, businesses, and organizations who speak out against his radical agenda.

DeSantis’ political revenge scheme is hurting Floridians and costing jobs:

  • Suspended an Elected State Attorney to Push Anti-Choice Agenda: DeSantis suspended elected state attorney in Hillsborough County Andrew Warren from office after Warren said he would not undermine Floridians’ right to privacy by prosecuting women and doctors who seek or assist in reproductive health care services.
  • Threatening the Special Olympics: DeSantis threatened to fine the Special Olympics a whopping $27.5 million for requiring athletes to be vaccinated against COVD-19, a move sports columnist Mike Freeman calls a “disgraceful new low” — even for DeSantis.
  • Harpooning the Tampa Bay Rays: DeSantis vetoed funding because the Rays used their social media channels to offer facts about gun violence following the mass shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo. For his part, DeSantis supports making it easier for dangerous people to carry hidden guns, despite opposition from law enforcement.
  • Political revenge against Disney: Estimates suggest DeSantis’ vendetta against Disney after they spoke out against his “Don’t Say Gay” bill could raise property taxes by as much as 25% at a time when Floridians are already struggling with skyrocketing housing costs.
  • Silencing Black Voters: DeSantis pushed and signed into law a gerrymandered congressional map that silences Black-majority communities who did not vote for him.

Yesterday, the DGA highlighted how Radical Ron is Wrong for Florida for ignoring Florida’s housing and homeowners insurance, and previously called out DeSantis record of banning abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest.

“Ron DeSantis only cares about getting national attention for himself, and has time and again abused his office to push his extreme agenda, ” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Florida deserves a new governor who will work with anyone to solve problems and bring people together — not a divisive bully like DeSantis.”