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Florida Housing Crisis Getting Worse, While DeSantis Spends Time Dividing People

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New reporting is highlighting how Florida’s housing crisis is spiraling out of control “with no end in sight,” as residents are struggling to afford skyrocketing rents. But instead of helping people, Ron DeSantis “wallowed in culture-warrior legislation while the state’s real crisis of affordable housing went unaddressed this legislative session,” according to a Palm Beach Post columnist.

After receiving a rent hike, one Floridian told the Orlando SentinelWe are essentially facing financial eviction,” while the CEO of an apartment listing company added: “I wish I could tell you that we’re going to have some moderation in rents. I just don’t see it.”

With the legislative session now over, DeSantis signed zero pieces of legislation to give Floridians meaningful relief from rising rent. He did, however, sign legislation censoring and attacking LGTBQ+ kids in schools and he championed a dangerous abortion ban.

“Ron DeSantis’ only priority as governor has been to divide and distract rather than solve problems,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “While Floridians struggle with skyrocketing housing prices, DeSantis continues to only care about himself and push divisive partisan fights. Florida needs a new governor who will actually fight for Floridians.”