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DGA Calls on Ron DeSantis to Release the Names of the 40% of Math Textbooks He Banned from Florida Schools

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Ron DeSantis’ Administration is banning 40% of all math textbooks proposed in Florida public schools, saying they’re responsible for “indoctrinating” students. However, DeSantis refused to identify what books he banned, with NPR reporting “The names of the rejected books were not included.”

DeSantis’ silence on the specifics of his divisive and dangerous book ban makes it clear it’s just another one of his crusades to further his own political ambitions. The DGA is calling on DeSantis to release the names of the textbooks.

In addition to the book banning, DeSantis also supported a plan to defund schools by $200 million, despite one school official calling it a “punitive proposal” that “would negatively impact the ability of our schools to meet the needs of our students.”

“Banning 40% of proposed math textbooks in public schools is just the latest dangerous example of Ron DeSantis putting his own divisive politics ahead of Florida’s kids, schools and parents,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “The DGA is calling on DeSantis to stop hiding what books he’s ripping away from school shelves.”