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Ron DeSantis Backs Plan to Defund Schools

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Yesterday, Politico reported that Gov. Ron DeSantis supports a measure that would defund schools by prying $200 million in state funding from districts that took commonsense public safety measures to protect Florida children.

​​DeSantis slammed the plan just days ago, saying it could hurt students and teachers. “Let’s not do that,” he said. But — always a political opportunist — DeSantis changed his tune and tweeted his support for the measure today.

The Superintendent of the School District of Palm Beach County called the plan “unfounded, unprecedented, and unjust,” adding that “any dollars lost to such a punitive proposal would negatively impact the ability of our schools to meet the needs of our students.”

DeSantis’ focus on attacking local schools and counties has been condemned across party lines, with a Republican Mayor previously calling him “a dictator” for forcing local counties and businesses to pay fines for having vaccine requirements.

“Ron DeSantis will say or do anything to promote himself — and now he’s even going so far as supporting a plan to punish children by defunding their schools,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “DeSantis knows this plan will hurt teachers, children, and their families, but he’s a shameless hypocrite who will change his stance at a moment’s notice if he thinks it will help his own politics.”