Doug Mastriano Filmed Rioters Rushing Up the Steps of the Capitol, But His Attorney Claims He “Knows Nothing About Any Insurrection”

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Mastriano filmed rioters rushing up the steps of the Capitol — and he refuses to release the video — but his lawyer claims he “knows nothing about any insurrection.”

On Tuesday, after Doug Mastriano walked out of his interview with the January 6th Committee after “less than 15 minutes, refusing to answer questions and pledging to sue the committee,” his attorney went on the media circuit claiming that Mastriano “‘knows nothing about any insurrection’ and did not witness any violence or see any firearms.” This claim flies in the face of videos showing Mastriano seemingly recording footage as rioters “face[d] off” with law enforcement on the steps of the Capitol.

Rather than doing research on his client’s activities, it seems Parlatore has been spending his time trying out for the position of Trump’s personal lawyer. As Rolling Stone reports, “in recent months, Trump and Parlatore have sporadically discussed the possibility of the Department of Justice charging the former president, according to the two people with knowledge of the situation.”

“Apparently, no one showed Mastriano’s lawyer the images of his client recording rioters as they attacked law enforcement on Jan. 6,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “While Mastriano’s lawyer blatantly lies to the press and Mastriano refuses to answer their questions entirely, Pennsylvanians deserve answers from Mastriano about his involvement in the deadly insurrection. It’s past time that Mastriano releases his insurrection tapes and answers questions on his Big Lie agenda.”

Mastriano’s involvement in the Jan. 6 insurrection has been thoroughly documented in video and photo evidence — despite his refusal to speak to the Jan. 6 Committee and answer questions from media across the state. Mastriano and his inner circle, including Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani, have become a staple at the bipartisan committee’s hearings — but Mastriano isn’t stopping there. He unveiled an “election-takeover plan” to appoint a leading figure in the Big Lie movement to oversee elections in Pennsylvania and has threatened to decertify the state’s voting machines with “the stroke of a pen” if he disagrees with the results.