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Trump Ramps Up Effort to Oust Brian Kemp, Holding Fundraiser for David Perdue at Mar-A-Lago

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Trump is once again ramping up his efforts to oust incumbent Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. This time, Trump is holding a high-dollar fundraiser at Mar-A-Lago in support of Perdue, where attendees can pony up $24,400 for a Trump-Perdue photo-op.

Trump has made it clear he’s willing to do anything to ruin Kemp’s re-election. He recently appeared in an attack ad for Perdue, where he said Kemp  “let us down.” He’s also called Kemp “a disaster” and “terrible.” 

Perdue and Trump turning up the heat on Brian Kemp has forced the RGA off the sidelines, spending $500,000 on TV ads in support of Brian Kemp. It’s the first time the RGA has been forced to spend on ads to support an incumbent in a primary and it sets up a brutal showdown between the RGA and Donald Trump.

Only time will tell whether Kemp or Perdue will come out on top. But in the meantime, there’s sure to be much more money spent and much more of the nasty infighting that has so far defined this scorched earthprimary.

“Trump has made it clear he’s all-in on ousting Brian Kemp, raising the obvious next question: When’s the Trump-Perdue rally in Georgia?” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “With Trump pulling out all the stops to get rid of Kemp, the RGA will have to match his level of infighting to protect him. Even if they do, come November, Georgia Republicans will still be stuck with a divided GOP base and a leader who has repeatedly let Georgians down.”