It’s RGA vs. Trump in “Scorched Earth” Georgia GOP Primary

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In another sign of GOP division, the RGA has been forced to make a historic $500,000 TV ad buy to protect Gov. Brian Kemp in the Georgia GOP primary after Donald Trump endorsed challenger David Perdue and even appeared in a TV ad to criticize Kemp.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that it’s the first time the RGA has ever had to spend money on ads to support an incumbent in a primary.

“This unprecedented move sets up a proxy war between the RGA and former President Trump, who backs David Perdue in the GOP primary,” wrote AJC reporter Greg Bluestein.

Previously, Kemp released a brutal tv ad to attack Perdue for his long record of shipping Georgia jobs overseas. The race has already been labeled a “scorched earth” primary and “the ugliest, nastiest race this state has ever seen,” and these new air wars are sure to escalate division within the party.

“The RGA is now all-in on fighting with Donald Trump in Georgia – and there’s no going back,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Instead of fighting for Georgians,  Brian Kemp and David Perdue are making history by fighting with each other. Regardless of who survives this brutal primary, the eventual nominee will be tied to out-of-touch positions and stuck with a party divided beyond repair.”