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WATCH: Donald Trump Slams Brian Kemp Ahead of Visit to Georgia, “He’s a Disaster”

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Ahead of his visit to Georgia this weekend to prove his grip over the Georgia GOP remains strong as ever, Donald Trump went after Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and he didn’t hold back.

In a radio interview, Trump called Kemp “a disaster” and “terrible,” and blamed Kemp for Trump’s loss in the election, saying, “he did everything he could to make sure that we lost the election.” 

Trump suggested Brian Kemp was in for a Republican primary showdown, a reality the disgraced former president has been hard at work to make happen behind the scenes. Trump and his allies have actively recruited primary challengers against Kemp, and his PAC recently conducted a potential primary match-up poll between Kemp and former U.S. Senator David Perdue that found Kemp on “shaky political ground.”

If Kemp does scrape through to the general election, Trump made a grim prediction about his likelihood of winning:  “He’s not going to be able to win the general election … because the base isn’t going to show up for him.” 

“With his iron grip over the Republican Party, for once, Donald Trump is right: Brian Kemp is extremely vulnerable,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “If he manages to survive attacks from Donald Trump and his cronies in a likely primary, the rest of Georgia will be eager to vote out Brian Kemp for his extreme and unpopular record of stripping away voting rights, refusing to fully expand Medicaid and failing to take common-sense action to stop the spread of COVID-19.” 

Watch a clip from scathing interview below: