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RGA in Disarray: Trump Polls Primary Between Perdue vs. Kemp In Ongoing Revenge Against Incumbent GOP Governors

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Poll Conducted by Trump’s PAC Shows Kemp on “Shaky Political Ground” 

As Donald Trump continues to plot revenge against the long list of Republican governors he holds personally responsible for his loss in 2020, Politico reported that Trump’s team conducted a potential primary match-up poll between former U.S. Senator David Perdue and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

Even worse for Kemp, the results solidify his deep unpopularity with Georgia Republicans. The poll found only 24 percent of Republicans “strongly approved” of Kemp and showed Perdue beating Kemp — given he was endorsed by Donald Trump.

Trump has been actively recruiting a host of potential primary challengers to take on Kemp, but he’s far from the only governor on Donald Trump’s hit list. Trump incited an ongoing feud with Arizona Gov. and RGA Chair, Doug Ducey, who Trump says “doesn’t do a damn thing.” Because of his poor standing with the leader of the Republican Party, the leader of the RGA has been unable to fend off nasty and divisive primary challenges to sitting governors like Kemp and Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine.

The DGA recently launched, a website exposing how the RGA and Doug Ducey are caught in the middle of the GOP’s civil war.DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said the following, 

“With Donald Trump calling the shots, Brian Kemp is extremely vulnerable to attack, whether it’s from David Perdue or another one of Trump’s cronies. And with Doug Ducey’s relationship with the former president in shambles, he’s powerless to protect incumbents like Kemp from Trump’s ruthless revenge plot. If Donald Trump wants to topple unpopular incumbent Republican governors there’s no one standing in his way — certainly not Doug Ducey.”