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In New TV Ad, David Perdue Brings Donald Trump’s Hits on Brian Kemp Directly to Georgia Living Rooms

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David Perdue is escalating the “bloody Republican primary” in Georgia with a new attack ad on Brian Kemp, making the race even more about die-hard loyalty to Trump’s dangerous lies — instead of helping Georgia families.

In the ad, Donald Trump slams Brian Kemp, saying he “let us down” for not intervening to overturn the election in Georgia. Trump has previously made his feelings towards Kemp clear, saying, “the MAGA base will just not vote for [Kemp].”

Kemp, who has been labeled “the most vulnerable Republican incumbent on the map” by Cook Political Report, was the first candidate to bring the “scorched earth” primary to Georgian’s living rooms when he launched an attack ad on Perdue.

This comes as RGA Chair Doug Ducey told POLITICO over the weekend that “we’re going to protect our incumbents” despite nasty GOP primary challenges.  But with no end in sight to the infighting, what’s the RGA doing to protect Brian Kemp from Perdue and Trump?

“Brian Kemp and David Perdue are delivering blow after blow to each other in this brutal race — and the RGA is missing in action after promises to defend Republican incumbents in primaries,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “While Kemp and Perdue tear each other to shreds, the reality is they have both failed Georgians by refusing to expand Medicaid and fully fund public education — and voters won’t forget it.