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Trump Escalates ‘Scorched-Earth’ Attacks Against Brian Kemp at GA Rally

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“If Brian Kemp is Renominated, He Will Go Down in Flames At the Ballot Box”

This weekend, Donald Trump once again went on the attack against Gov. Brian Kemp — this time escalating the fight by holding a rally in Kemp’s backyard for David Perdue and the rest of the Trump revenge slate.

Newsweek reported that Trump is threatening a “MAGA Boycott of Georgia Midterms if Kemp Is [the] GOP’s Candidate,” as he said: “Brian Kemp is a turncoat, is a coward, and is a complete and total disaster … If Brian Kemp is renominated, he will go down in flames at the ballot box.”

Trump’s trip down to Georgia continued his longstanding vendetta against Kemp, who he’s appeared in attack ads against and called “a disaster” and “terrible.” 

This comes after Trump held a high-dollar fundraiser at Mar-A-Lago in support of Perdue. The escalating GOP infighting has even forced the RGA to spend a total of $850,000, including on pro-Kemp TV ads.

“Donald Trump and David Perdue keep turning up the temperature, and Brian Kemp is feeling the heat,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Kemp and the RGA will have to spend more and sling insults back if they ever stop being too scared to stand up to Trump. This escalating infighting will only divide the Republican party and result in a totally flawed GOP nominee, while Democrats remain focused on delivering real results for Georgia families.”