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In a Crowded GOP Primary Field Full of Far-Right Extremists, Trump Chooses Kari Lake for His Coveted Endorsement for Arizona Governor

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As She Receives Trump’s Endorsement, Lake Doubles Down on Her Extremism 

After the GOP candidates for governor in Arizona spent months jockeying to win over his endorsement, Donald Trump finally decided who to give his final rose to. In the end, Trump awarded his precious endorsement to far-right fringe candidate, self-proclaimed “MAGA candidate”, and failed journalist turned conspiracy peddler, Kari Lake.

As she receives Trump’s endorsement, Lake has been determined to prove she’s worthy of being crowned the true “MAGA candidate” and has taken her dangerous views and conspiracy theories to a whole new level. Lake recently demanded the AZ legislature be called into a special session to outlaw mask and vaccine mandates. Having already proved to be anti-mask, anti-vaccine, (and anti-science) Lake went one step further and came out as being against COVID testing as well, falsely claiming there could be potentially harmful long-term effects of testing.

In addition to spreading lies on COVID, Lake openly said she believes the election was stolen and that Trump won Arizona in 2020.

Trump faced a difficult decision in choosing who to give his coveted endorsement to, as the rest of the Arizona GOP candidates have also openly embraced his far-right agenda. Candidates like Matt Salmon and Kimberly Yee have modeled their campaigns off of Donald Trump’s ‘Big Lie,’ vowing to fight non-existent voter fraud, while Karrin Taylor Robson refused to say if she believes Joe Biden was legitimately elected and Steve Gaynor proudly proclaimed himself to be “100% pro-Trump.”

“Trump’s endorsement is the starting gun in the sprint to the right for the crowded AZ GOP gubernatorial primary,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Will Lake be able to hold onto the ‘MAGA candidate’ crown or will she be dethroned as the rest of the field rushes to double down on their radical positions to woo the far-right base? Whatever candidate does end up crawling across the finish line will be so far out-of-touch with Arizona voters, they’ll be absolutely unfit to serve as governor.”