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DGA Statement on Karrin Taylor Robson’s Jump Into the AZ GOP’s Race to the Extreme Right

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Karrin Taylor Robson has announced her candidacy for the Republican nomination for governor of Arizona. Her candidacy makes her the second far-right candidate to jump into the primary within 24 hours.

Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement:

“Karrin Taylor Robson is too extreme for Arizona. Her unabating loyalty to Donald Trump and the dangerous agenda he pursued puts her out of touch with what Arizona families and communities need. 

“Taylor Robson’s jump into the growing Republican gubernatorial primary doubles the number of candidates fighting for the far-right base. Instead of putting forth policies that will help Arizona move past the COVID-19 pandemic, this primary will be nothing but a chaotic scramble to prove who can cater to the Trump doctrine — one already rejected by Arizona voters. Whether it’s Taylor Robson or someone else who crawls across the finish line, the AZ GOP will have a candidate that is the wrong choice for Arizona.”