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Donald Trump’s Endorsement of Dan Cox Throws Maryland MAGA Primary Into Even More Chaos

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Yesterday, Donald Trump delivered a massive blow to Silent Kelly Schulz by endorsing Republican primary rival Del. Dan Cox, adding more fuel to what already promised to be an extreme and divisive GOP primary in Maryland.

Trump’s endorsement blows up Schulz’s ongoing plan to stay silent on key questions and quietly court insiders, while Cox picks up steam with his pro-Trump “grab-‘em-by-the-throat messaging” and support for the deadly Jan. 6th insurrection that helped him gain the backing of Maryland’s only Republican congressman Andy Harris. A recent Maryland Matters column recently said Cox “could easily win the Republican primary.” 

The big endorsement from Trump also comes soon after the New York Times exposed the “escalating” GOP civil war, featuring comments from Larry Hogan defending other GOP incumbents that Trump has targeted, like Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.  Meanwhile, Michael Steele’s potential entrance to the race would only worsen the Maryland Republican infighting.

“Trump’s endorsement of Dan Cox is a huge problem for silent Kelly Schulz, who insiders tried to hand-pick with the hope she could skate by without answering questions in a divisive primary,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “As this irreparably bruising GOP primary gets nastier, Schulz must condemn Cox and Trump’s harmful policies and lies – and tell Marylanders where she stands on key issues like the bipartisan infrastructure plan and protecting reproductive rights.”