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Tensions Build as Maryland Republicans Already Attacking Michael Steele From Every Angle

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Potential Republican gubernatorial candidate Michael Steele is gearing up to re-enter state politics this week with a visit to the Maryland Association of Counties summer conference, but Maryland GOP leaders could doom his campaign from the start.

Josh Kurtz with Maryland Matters says Steele “finds himself at odds with key elements of his party … and some of the fissures are coming into plain view.”

Republicans are already pursuing every avenue to attack Steele. Del. Lauren Arikan is filing a formal complaint with the State Board of Elections against Steele, while Maryland Matters adds that state GOP leaders may release a video attacking Steele. The video is allegedly filled with far-right litmus tests and refers to Steele’s previous campaign finance issues.

With Silent Kelly Schulz continues to hide and far-right Daniel Cox pandering to Trump voters, it’s clear any road that Steele tries to take to the GOP nomination will be chaotic and leave the Maryland Republican party at odds with each other.

“Michael Steele’s potential entrance into the GOP primary is already stirring up tension, and the foreseeable infighting is set to tear Maryland Republicans further apart,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Steele’s campaign is barely off the ground, and his fellow Republicans are already eager to attack him from every angle, while the rest of Maryland voters will be dismayed by his harmful record as a far-right national Republican. As the Maryland MAGA primary gets even more divisive, it’s increasingly likely whoever the GOP nominates will enter the general election bruised and tied to unpopular positions.”