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More Maryland MAGA Infighting After Campaign Finance Complaint Against Steele

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Michael Steele’s potential run for governor continues to stir up tension in Maryland’s MAGA primary. After a fellow Republican filed a campaign finance complaint against him, Steele is now under the microscope of the Maryland State Board of Elections and feuding back-and-forth with his GOP primary opponents, who are attacking him from every angle.

The complaint has caused divisive drama early on in the race. A Steele advisor alleged that the complaint is the work of Dan Cox’s campaign, saying, “They don’t have anything else to stand on.”

Cox quickly fired back, saying in a statement that the Steele team’s allegations are “patently false, libelous, and defamatory.”

The bitter infighting from Steele’s potential candidacy is only set to get worse. Maryland Republican Party Chairman Dirk Haire told the Washington Examiner that Steele has “made derogatory comments on rank-and-file Republicans.” 

Meanwhile, Silent Kelly Schulz has remained in hiding, refusing to answer questions about where she stands on key issues. But as tensions flare, Schulz will face no choice but to weigh in on her opponents’ unpopular opinions and reveal her own as well.

“Maryland Republicans are attacking each other from every angle, setting the stage for a nasty GOP primary,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Michael Steele and Dan Cox have entered the race swinging, and Silent Kelly Schulz is running out of places to hide. The divisive Maryland MAGA primary is shaping up to be a fight between unpopular candidates with out-of-touch platforms, and the eventual nominee will not emerge unscathed.”