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Dan Cox Ramps Up Maryland’s MAGA Primary By Picking Anti-Mask, Anti-Vaxx, Anti-Science Running Mate

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Will the rest of the GOP field follow his lead or denounce his fellow far-right running mate? 

 In Maryland, diehard Trump loyalist and GOP candidate for governor Dan Cox has tapped far-right extremist Gordana Schifanelli as his running mate for lieutenant governor. Schifanelli has made a name for herself by spreading misinformation about the pandemic and taking a hard-line stance against mask-wearing and COVID vaccines

In an interview with a far-right show that touts being banned from Youtube, Schifanelli made up potential “long-term consequences” and side effects of wearing masks and downplayed the impact of COVID-19 on children. Calling the COVID vaccine “experimental,” and saying those who got vaccinated “might all be dead” in 10 years, Schifinelli also proudly advocated against school districts recommending teachers and eligible students get vaccinated.

With their mutual love for lies and conspiracy theories, Schifanelli and Dan Cox are two peas in a pod. Like Schifanelli, Cox is openly against vaccine requirements for workers and students. Cox has also openly embraced the ‘Big Lie’ and arranged for two buses to take far-right extremists to the January 6th Trump rally that led to a deadly attack on the United States Capitol.

Cox is the first candidate in the Maryland MAGA primary to name a running mate. With his grab-‘em-by-the-throat messaging” that’s helped define the GOP primary so far, and Kelly Schulz’s continued silence, the question is: Will the rest of the GOP primary candidates condemn Cox for picking a running mate who spreads dangerous lies, or will they use his pick to double down on their own far-right extremism?

“With Dan Cox’s far-right, conspiracy theory-spreading pick for a running mate, Maryland’s MAGA primary just got even Trumpier,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Silent Kelly Schulz and the rest of the GOP candidates are too scared of angering the pro-Trump base of the Republican Party, they’re still silent asCox is picking a running mate who openly spreads dangerous lies. Now, more than ever, it’s clear that whatever candidate comes out on top of this divisive primary will emerge with an agenda that’s completely out of touch with voters in deep-blue Maryland.”