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Do the Arizona GOP Primary Candidates Believe the January 6th Insurrection was “Legitimate Political Discourse?”

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After the Republican National Committee described the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol as “legitimate political discourse,” the DGA calls on the Republican candidates for Arizona governor to answer whether they agree.

All of the GOP candidates have embraced Donald Trump’s far-right agenda, which led to the deadly events of January 6th. Trump’s hand-picked “MAGA candidate” is conspiracy theorist Kari Lake, who has openly said she believes the election was stolen and that Trump won Arizona in 2020.

Trump himself has praised Lake’s willingness to spread the Big Lie, saying in an interview, “She’s very big on this issue. She’s leading by a lot.” 

Lake’s competitors are desperate to out-Trump her by embracing the Big Lie as well. Matt Salmon has vowed to fight non-existent voter fraud and refused to denounce partisan, anti-democratic lies.

Meanwhile, Karrin Taylor Robson refused to say if she believed President Joe Biden was legitimately elected, and Steve Gaynor proudly labeled himself as “100% pro-Trump.”

“The Arizona Republican candidates for governor have shown that they are desperate to appease Donald Trump and his base — even if it means spreading the completely baseless and dangerous Big Lie,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Now that the RNC is trying to rewrite the history of the violent January 6th insurrection that left several dead, the Arizona GOP primary candidates must show where they stand. Will they side with the will of Arizona voters, or do they support violent assaults on democracy?”