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Reeves Trails in Mississippi Governor’s Race in New Poll

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A new poll shows incumbent Gov. Tate Reeves behind in the Mississippi race for governor — yet another indicator of Reeves’ deep unpopularity and vulnerability as he heads into reelection.

The poll shows Reeves down by 4 points and only receiving 43% of the vote in a general election matchup. The poll also found 64% of respondents had an unfavorable impression of Reeves for his role in a massive corruption scandal, which has emerged as one of the top issues” and where “at least $77 million in welfare funds intended for the state’s poorest residents were misspent and used for pet projects.”

This is just the latest poll showing Reeves is deeply unpopular with Mississippians. Another recent poll found Reeves only receiving 43% of the vote in a general election match, while overall 57% of voters said they would support “someone else” other than Reeves as governor in 2023.

A quick recap of Reeves’ record explains why he’s one of America’s least popular governors: not only has he led Mississippi into its largest public corruption scandal in state history, he mismanaged a crisis that left hundreds of thousands without clean, safe drinking water, and refused to expand Medicaid allegedly just to boost his own politics — a decision that’s forced rural hospitals across the state to close down or risk closing.

“Tate Reeves has ignored the health, safety, and wellbeing of the people he swore to represent and put himself first time and again,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “As poll after poll shows Reeves is vulnerable, it’s clear the people of Mississippi are tired of their governor’s corruption and selfishness.”