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Tate Reeves Admits He’s Blocked Medicaid Expansion, Forced Mississippi Hospitals to Close For His Own “Personal Political Interest”

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A new report details how corrupt and unpopular Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves admitted behind closed doors the real reason he’s refused to expand Medicaid to over 200,000 people in Mississippi, a decision that’s forced rural hospitals across the state to close down and has put 50% of the state’s rural hospitals at risk of closing.

According to former University of Mississippi Chancellor Dan Jones, Reeves admitted to him that he opposed Medicaid expansion just because it’s not in his “personal political interest.”

While Reeves puts his own political interests first, Mississippians are suffering as a result. Not only would Medicaid expansion create an estimated 11,000 new jobs, but it would alleviate costs for the 54% of rural hospitals in Mississippi that are at risk of closing immediately or in the near future.

The comments come as Reeves once again doubled down on his opposition to Medicaid expansion in a recent speech.

“Tate Reeves cares more about himself than working Mississippi families who are struggling,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “He’s more than willing to let hospital after hospital close its doors for good just to protect his own politics. The people of Mississippi shouldn’t suffer as a result of their corrupt governor’s selfishness.”