New Poll: “Majority of Mississippi Voters Prefer New Governor in 2023”

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A new poll from Siena College/Mississippi Today shows Republican Gov. Tate Reeves could face trouble heading into the election year, with 57% of all voters saying they would support “someone else” as governor in 2023 – including 67% of independent voters and one third of Republicans. The poll also found Reeve’s approval is an abysmal 40% approval.

The poll is just the latest showing Reeves’ deep in unpopularity with Mississippi voters, while top Mississippi Republicans are considering a well-funded and brutal primary challenge against him.

This comes as Reeves deals with the fallout from his involvement in the state’s largest public corruption scandal, looming hospital closures and a water crisis.

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said, “This poll is just another indicator that Tate Reeves is vulnerable and it’s no wonder why a majority of Mississippi voters from all political viewpoints are fed up with his corruption and failures. Under Tate Reeves’ watch, Mississippi has endured economic failures, rampant corruption, and an ongoing water crisis. Mississippi deserves better.”