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Pro-Perdue Group Spending Big on TV Ads to Oust Brian Kemp

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Vulnerable incumbent Brian Kemp’s battle to survive his Trump-backed Republican primary challenge David Perdue just got more expensive. Georgia Action Fund, a Pro-Perdue PAC is going up with its first “significant” TV ad buy in multiple Georgia media markets.

Yesterday, Trump continued his crusade to oust Kemp, hosting a fundraiser for Perdue at Mar-a-Lago and calling Kemp a “horrendous RINO who has betrayed the people of Georgia, and betrayed Republican voters.” 

Trump has already been featured in TV ads, where he bashed Brian Kemp, saying he “let us down.” 

The onslaught of outside money and the intensifying attacks from Perdue and Trump have forced Brian Kemp to spend $4.2 million on television ads just to defend himself. It’s also forced the RGA off the sidelines to spend on ads to protect their incumbent governor in a primary — for the first time ever.

“The GOP primary in Georgia is getting messier and more expensive every day,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “While Kemp and Perdue are getting their hands dirty attacking each other, they’ve completely turned their backs on the issues that matter to Georgians. Whether it’s Kemp or Perdue, the Republican who gets their name on the ballot in November will be completely out-of-touch with Georgia values.”