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New Report Highlights More Michigan Republican Infighting, Primary is Messier Than Ever

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GOP Insider to MIRS: “there is great resignation that people are resigned to the notion of Whitmer for four more years.” 

After Michigan GOP insiders held an emergency “intervention” call to try to salvage the party’s high staff turnover, low fundraising and an overall sense of doom, new reporting from MIRS is exposing how the chaos and infighting in the Michigan GOP have gone from bad to worse.

Party insiders have consistently tried to rig the nomination for their hand-picked candidate James Craig, but his campaign is floundering with abysmal fundraising numbers as he fails to discuss any important issues in Michigan. He’s also joined the rest of the field in taking up extreme positions on banning abortion and supporting an illegal blockade that hurt Michigan workers and businesses.

This is leaving the primary wide open and Republicans panicked, as MIRS puts it, “the rest of the field doesn’t seem as if it’s going to get the job done,” and “there’s a fear personal issues will doom both Kevin Rinke and Perry Johnson.” 

In fact, MIRS even reports that there was a third failed attempt to recruit Candice Miller as a “hail mary.” 

With the recruitment failures, mounting infighting, and a field of lackluster candidates, some Michigan Republicans have already given up. Among GOP insiders “there is great resignation that people are resigned to the notion of Whitmer for four more years.

“Michigan Republicans are looking at a crowded and messy field of candidates with extreme positions who are spending more time attacking each other than addressing the issues that matter,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “No matter how much insiders try to rig this primary, it’s only going to get worse for Michigan Republicans.