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Leading Michigan GOP Candidates Supported Illegal Blockade that Cost Auto Industry $300M

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A new report is estimating that the recent illegal blockade of Ambassador Bridge cost Michigan’s economy $300 million, shining a light on how top Michigan GOP candidates for governor like James Craig, Tudor Dixon, Kevin Rinke, and Garrett Soldano all sided against Michigan workers and businesses by supporting the blockade.

While Republicans were eager to back the illegal blockade, workers in Michigan lost wages and were forced to miss shifts.  One of the authors of the report concluded it resulted in “real losses to the men and women working in this industry.” 

Mark Spieles, logistics professor at Central Michigan University described the widespread economic harm that Republican candidates supported, saying: “It’s not just the auto industry but pharmaceuticals and agriculture as well.”

In contrast, Gov. Whitmer fought for Michigan workers and businesses by taking action to push Canadian authorities to end the blockade swiftly and safely. She also recently landed the largest investment from General Motors in Michigan history, which is set to create 4,000 in-state jobs.

“This report is brutal for the Republican candidates for governor who all decided to side with an illegal blockade and cheer a costly $300 million  economic disaster instead of fighting for Michigan workers and the auto industry,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “While Gov. Whitmer puts Michigan first, this messy field of Republican candidates continue to prove their extreme agenda is wrong for Michigan families.”