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New Poll Shows Cox Beating Schulz in Brutal, Close Race to Far-Right

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New Poll from Goucher College: Cox Leads Schulz 25-22%

A new poll conducted by Goucher College found the Maryland MAGA primary for governor is still neck and neck, with Dan Cox beating debate-dodging Kelly Schulz by 3% (25-22%). This is the third poll showing Cox leading Schulz, confirming the primary will be a race to the far right defined by loyalty to Trump and dangerous policies that are out of touch with the values of Marylanders.

A PPP poll earlier this month found Cox beating Kelly Schulz by a staggering 23% (47-24%) when GOP voters were informed of Trump’s endorsement of Cox and Larry Hogan’s endorsement of Schulz.

Schulz has spent the past few weeks skipping debates, trying to hide her extreme anti-choice beliefs, and complaining about DGA press releases exposing her real record. Meanwhile, Cox’s full embrace of Trump and the Big Lie has boosted him into frontrunner status.

The reality is that both Schulz and Cox are completely out-of-touch with most Marylanders — they both support banning abortion and making it easier for criminals to carry guns.

“Kelly Schulz can dodge debates and complain about polling all she wants, but the numbers show her strategy of hiding from Marylanders is failing miserably,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “This new poll once again cements that the Maryland GOP primary will only get more brutal and extreme.”