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New Poll in Kansas Finds Gov. Laura Kelly with 53% Job Approval, Including Nearly 70% Support From Independent Voters

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Gov. Kelly Supported by 83% of “Ideologically Moderate” Voters

As Gov. Laura Kelly works to grow the Kansas economy and repair the damage done by the Brownback disaster, a new poll finds Gov. Kelly with a 53% approval rating and a 69% approval rating with independent voters.

With voters who consider themselves “ideologically moderate,” Gov. Kelly has an 83% approval rating. The poll also found Gov. Kelly leading over GOP candidate Derek Schmidt.

Gov. Kelly has spearheaded efforts to repair and grow Kansas’ economy following the economic disaster created by former Gov. Sam Brownback and his cronies like Derek Schmidt. Under Gov. Kelly, billions of new business dollars have been invested in Kansas and tens of thousands of jobs have been kept or created.  Thanks to Gov. Kelly’s solid leadership Kansas is now tenth in the country for economic development, and the state was awarded the coveted Gold Shovel award, for its economic progress.

Gov. Kelly has also been a champion of public education. After nearly a decade of falling behind with Brownback’s anemic public education funding, Gov. Kelly has fully funded public schools for three years in a row.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt is hoping to drag Kansas back to the unpopular policies of Sam Brownback and Kris Kobach. And Kansans are paying the price for his failed political stunts:  A recent report from the Kansas Reflector exposed Schmidt for costing Kansas taxpayers $1.9 million by dragging out a legal battle started by the passage of Kobach’s signature law five years ago.

“By funding public education, creating tens of thousands of jobs, and fostering billions of dollars of investment into the state’s economy, Gov. Laura Kelly is bringing economic success to Kansas families, while Derek Schmidt’s failed political stunts continue to cost them millions,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Gov. Kelly’s strong bipartisan support is a testament to her solid leadership and the results she’s delivered to Kansans. While Republicans like Derek Schmidt threaten to drag Kansas backward, Gov. Kelly continues to move the state in the right direction.”