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Dem Govs Get It Done: In Contrast to Brownback Failures, Gov. Kelly Signs Bipartisan Bill to Fully Fund Public Education for Third Consecutive Year

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Following years of anemic funding for public education under the Brownback administration, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly has proven to be a champion of public schools, signing bipartisan legislation yesterday to fully fund public education for the third consecutive year and guaranteeing funding through FY 2023. 

While Gov. Kelly fights for students, GOP gubernatorial candidates and Brownback cronies Jeff Colyer and Derek Schmidt are trying to drag Kansas back to the failed Brownback administration, which gutted funding for schools to a degree that was ruled unconstitutional by the Kansas Supreme Court

Colyer and Schmidt have repeatedly praised the nation’s least favorite former governor, despite his wildly unpopular tax experiment that crashed the state budget and drastically cut aid to families. Both Colyer and Schmidt happily played key roles in the Brownback administration and its economic failures, with Colyer serving as Brownback’s right-hand man

The Kansas Association of School Boards and several education advocates have thanked Gov. Kelly for restoring “adequate and equitable funding to the public school system” after seven years of the Brownback administration.

“While Governor Laura Kelly continues to deliver bipartisan results for Kansas families, Jeff Colyer and Derek Schmidt want to drag Kansas back to the economic disaster of the Brownback administration,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Governor Kelly understands how Kansans benefit when we invest in our children and our public schools. Through her steady and consistent leadership, she is moving Kansas forward — not backward.”