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Dem Govs Get It Done: Gov. Kelly Leads Kansas to Excellence in Economic Development in Contrast to Brownback Disaster

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This week, Gov. Laura Kelly announced the State of Kansas has been awarded Area Development magazine’s coveted Gold Shovel award, which recognizes states for attracting high-value investment projects that create a significant number of new jobs in their communities.

Gov. Kelly has led Kansas with a firm commitment to pro-growth and inclusive policies that have resulted in excellence in economic development, a stark contrast to the Brownback era, whose failed tax experiment ran Kansas into the ground. 

Gov. Kelly has taken several critical steps to repair the disaster caused by Brownback and his cronies Jeff Coyler and Derek Schmidt. Since 2019, Kansas has surpassed $5 billion in capital investment and has seen nearly $6 billion in new business dollars invested in the state and nearly 26,000 jobs.

In her official statement, Gov. Kelly said: “This award would not have happened without the strategic investments we have made since 2019 including fully funding our schools, starting more than 130 infrastructure projects, and expanding high speed internet access.”

While Gov. Kelly secures jobs and investments for Kansans, GOP gubernatorial candidates and Brownback loyalists Jeff Colyer and Derek Schmidt are hoping to return to the Brownback era, which is infamous for its disastrous tax experiment that blew up the state budget and devastated families with massive cuts to public education and health care.

“Gov. Kelly has turned Kansas around from the Brownback economic disaster to booming economic development. Failed Republican politicians like Jeff Colyer and Derek Schmidt want to repeat the Brownback failures, but Gov. Kelly continues to achieve bipartisan success for Kansans through steady, pro-growth and inclusive leadership,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “By funding public schools, infrastructure projects, and broadband, Gov. Kelly is investing in Kansas families and bringing a new era of success to the state.”