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NBC News: ‘Uphill Slog’ For The GOP As Republicans Start Fleeing Mastriano For Shapiro In Pa.

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New reporting by NBC News is detailing Doug Mastriano’s struggles to convince even members of his own party to join his campaign, with former GOP Congressman Phil English telling NBC that “most Republicans recognize this is an uphill slog,” while a Republican consultant emphasized that “GOP doubts over Mastriano are real.”

NBC added that Mastriano “has been slow to reach out for the support of his former primary rivals. He refuses to talk to most of the local or national media, limiting himself to conservative media outlets, where he talks about abortion restrictions and unfounded election fraud claims.”

The report continues: “Other Republicans told NBC News they’ll just abstain from voting in the governor’s race — warning signs for Mastriano that he’s struggling to broaden his support in one of the country’s tightest swing states.”

This comes as Mastriano “has little interest in moderating.” He recently hired election conspiracist Jenna Ellis, and “has largely shun[ned] traditional news media” throughout the first months of the general election — literally running to avoid having to answer to his extreme and unpopular obsession with dangerous election conspiracies and all-out abortion bans.

Meanwhile, nine prominent former and current Republican officials endorsed Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s campaign, who continues to unify Pennsylvanians of all political stripes behind his focus on protecting rights, lowering costs and improving public education.