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Leading GOP Primary Candidate for Minnesota Governor Announces He Wants to Jail the Secretary of State

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In yet another outrageous and anti-democratic display, Minnesota GOP primary frontrunner Scott Jensen announced he believes Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon deserves jail time for how he’s managed the state’s election system.

At a GOP organizing convention, Jensen warned “the hammer’s coming down” on Simon and declared, “Steve Simon, you maybe better check out to see if you look good in stripes, because you’ve gotten away with too much.”

Jensen’s campaign refused to comment on the remarks. However, Jensen’s running mate and pick for lieutenant governor doubled down on them on Twitter.

Threatening to jail a democratically elected official is just the latest of Jensen’s dangerous, extreme comments. In addition to apparently welcoming support from Vladamir Putin, Jensen admitted he “would try to ban abortion” if elected governor.

Multiple straw polls have shown Jensen as the current frontrunner in Minnesota’s GOP primary. With Jensen leading the field, the other candidates will have to double down on their own extreme agendas if they want a shot at overtaking his lead. Already, all of the candidates in the Minnesota primary refused to admit the 2020 election results were legitimate.

“From threatening to jail elected officials to vowing to ban abortion, Scott Jensen is too extreme for Minnesota — and his fellow GOP candidates are no better,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “As the GOP field sprints to the right to try to chase down Jensen’s lead, every candidate is only proving to be completely out of touch with the values that matter to Minnesotans.”