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All Five Minnesota GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Refuse to Admit 2020 Election Results Were Legitimate

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In the first minutes of last night’s GOP primary debate, all five Republican candidates for Minnesota governor exposed themselves as election conspiracy theorists.

Moderator Hugh Hewitt asked whether Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 election, and not a single Republican said yes. Scott Jensen, Paul Gazelka, Michelle Benson, Neil Shah, and Mike Murphy all went on to spout baseless lies attacking mail-in voting and promoting voting restrictions. Dozens of lawsuits, including cases that went before judges nominated by Trump, have failed to show the election was stolen.

Lies and far-right conspiracy theories have become the norm in the Minnesota GOP primary. Murphy is a Trump hack who supports QAnon candidates and denied the existence of human-caused climate change in the debate, and Jensen is an anti-science COVID denier. Jensen, also, was embarrassingly exposed yesterday by the Heartland Signal for releasing an ad that “celebrates Minnesota with stock images from Eastern Europe.”

DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy said: “The Minnesota GOP primary for governor is a race to the far-right, and the candidates wasted no time in last night’s debate proving they’ll say whatever it takes to appease their party’s extremists.”