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Scott Jensen’s Positive-Putin Comments Spark GOP Infighting in Minnesota Primary

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Jensen: “I never really expected any help from Mr. Putin, but I’m getting it.”

Conspiracy theorist and Minnesota GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen is taking heat from his fellow Republican candidates for previous pro-Putin comments he made.

When his COVID-19 conspiracies were aired on Russian state-run tv, Jensen boasted about getting support from Putin, saying, “I never really expected any help from Mr. Putin, but I’m getting it.’”

Now, Jensen is getting slammed for his comments by other candidates in the Republican primary field, including Sen. Michelle Benson, who called Jensen’s comments “another disappointing example of his bad judgment.”

Jensen fired back at Benson in a statement where he called criticism for his comments “false leftwing talking points” rather than apologize for making them. He said he was “disappointed” that Benson joined in attacking him with what Jensen called “baseless smears.” Jensen also said in his response to Benson that the Russian state media that carried his COVID claims were “alarmed at censorship” in America. Jensen, however, does not seem alarmed that, just a few days ago, Putin blocked access to Facebook and signed a law effectively criminalizing public opposition and independent news reporting regarding the war against Ukraine.

While the GOP candidates attack each other, Gov. Walz is taking action to support local Ukrainians & Ukrainian businesses and cutting state agencies’ ties with Russia.

“Rather than apologizing for his off-color comments on Putin, Scott Jensen is using them to escalate the infighting in the Minnesota GOP primary,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “The GOP candidates are more divided than ever and are just further demonstrating why they’re not cut out to be governor.”