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In Private RGA Meeting, Larry Hogan Defends Brian Kemp Against “Trump Cancel Culture”

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This weekend, the New York Times reported that the GOP civil war “appears to be escalating” as Donald Trump continues to attack Republican gubernatorial incumbents like Gov. Brian Kemp.

Trump is pushing former Sen. David Perdue to challenge Kemp, and in a private Republican Governors Association meeting, Gov. Larry Hogan had to defend Kemp from “Trump cancel culture.”

“It’s outrageous, unacceptable, and bad for the party,” said Hogan. The Times emphasized Republicans’ concerns, calling Trump and his supporters “the biggest threat” to the GOP’s 2022 prospects.

Perdue could be close to announcing a challenge. He said in a radio interview last week that Georgians are disappointed in Kemp because “people in power haven’t fought for them,” adding that he’s “concerned about the state of our state.”

At a rally in Georgia earlier this year, Trump slammed Kemp, calling him a “RINO” and “a disaster.” Republican governors in Idaho, Massachusetts, Ohio, Arizona, and more have also been the subject of Trump’s wrath.

“Larry Hogan’s comments show Brian Kemp and the RGA are worried as the chaotic GOP civil war in Georgia is escalating,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Heading into a tough re-election, the challenges against Kemp are stacking up — this GOP infighting is yet another major crisis on top of Kemp’s disastrous record on COVID-19, refusal to support fully expanding Medicaid, and harmful voter suppression bill.”