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David Perdue “Seriously Considering” Challenging Brian Kemp for Governor

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With the wind in his sails from Donald Trump’s encouragement, former senator David Perdue is now “seriously considering” challenging Brian Kemp in what would be a “scorched earth” Republican primary for governor, according to new Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporting.

Even though Georgians already rejected Purdue when they made him a one-term senator in 2021, Brian Kemp’s is in deep trouble — and Perdue is apparently smelling the blood in the water.

Donald Trump has made it clear he wants Kemp gone, and he wants Perdue to replace him. Trump has called Kemp “a disaster” and “terrible,” and blamed him for his loss in the election, saying, “he did everything he could to make sure that we lost the election.” 

Trump has actively recruited Perdue to run against Kemp. His PAC also conducted a not-so-hypothetical primary match-up poll between Kemp and Perdue, that found Perdue beating Kemp — given he was endorsed by Donald Trump.

What Trump says, goes in the Georgia GOP, which has followed Trump’s lead in undermining Kemp whenever possible. Kemp has been censored by over a dozen Republican county parties, the latest being Cobb County, where GOP officials said Kemp “is the one that weakens the entire Republican ticket, and that’s what Republicans need to be concerned about.”

“Being on the wrong side of Donald Trump is a nightmare scenario for any Georgia Republican — and now that Perdue is considering throwing his hat in the race, Brian Kemp’s worst nightmare is coming alive,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “It doesn’t make a difference if it’s Kemp, Perdue, or any other far-right Republican who makes it out of what would be one of the nastiest primaries in the entire country; their out-of-touch agenda is wrong for the state and Georgians will be ready to elect a Democrat as governor of Georgia next year.”