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RGA in Disarray: Donald Trump Blasts RGA Chair Doug Ducey as ‘Unelectable RINO’

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The nasty squabbling between Donald Trump and RGA Chair Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey continues to get worse, with Trump attacking Ducey directly, calling him an “unelectable RINO.”

Watch coverage of Trump’s latest meltdown against Ducey here

Trump has made his negative opinions of Ducey well-known, with one report by the Daily Beast saying Trump is looking to “personally spoil any of Ducey’s future political plans,” and “make the Arizona governor a pariah in his own party.” Ducey has also pushed back against Trump and their relationship “remains tense.”

But in a party where demonstrating undying loyalty to Trump is critical, Ducey and Trump’s rocky relationship is causing issues for the RGA. As CNN recently reported“Donald Trump is causing a headache for the Republican Governors Association” by threatening to revoke his support of candidates who don’t embrace the ‘Big Lie’ and the rest of his toxic agenda. As a result, Ducey and the RGA are dealing with massive recruitment failures across the country, while sitting GOP governors in states like Ohio and Georgia are facing nasty primaries from Republican challengers. 

The DGA recently launched to expose how Ducey and the RGA have found themselves caught up in the middle of the Republican Party’s infighting and how it’s negatively affecting GOP candidates and campaigns in governors races across the country.

“Donald Trump’s latest temper tantrum hurled at Doug Ducey shows that the Trump-Ducey feud is only just heating up and the problems it’s causing for sitting GOP governors and candidates are only just beginning,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “With Ducey and Trump swept up in the Republican Party’s ongoing civil war, the RGA has been left directionless in dealing with its colossal failures in recruiting, stopping primary challenges to incumbent GOP governors and primaries being overtaken by extremists. If the party’s leader and the RGA’s chair can’t work out their issues — and all signs suggest they won’t be able to — the RGA is in for a brutal upcoming cycle.”