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DGA Statement on Donald Trump’s Threats to Reproductive Freedom

From the Chair’s Desk

DGA Statement on Donald Trump’s Threats to Reproductive Freedom

DGA Chair Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz released the following statement in response to Donald Trump’s threats to reproductive freedom in his interview with Time Magazine:

“After overturning Roe v. Wade and paving the way for extreme abortion bans across the country, Donald Trump confirmed that he and Republican governors across the country are just getting started with their attacks on reproductive freedom – from criminalizing women seeking health care to monitoring private medical records and restricting the travel of pregnant women.

“Between Trump’s threats today and his refusal to oppose a national abortion ban, it’s clear that  reproductive rights are on the ballot in November. Meanwhile, Democratic governors will continue defending reproductive rights in our states, fighting back against GOP extremists, and making clear why it is so important that we elect more Democratic governors who will protect our fundamental freedoms.”

Trump’s latest comments come as reproductive freedom promises to be a central issue in governor’s races across the country, including North Carolina and New Hampshire, two states where the Republican candidates have well-documented records of staking out extreme and dangerous positions attacking women’s rights:

  • In North Carolina, Republican nominee Lt. Governor Mark Robinson has said that women who get an abortion are “guilty of murder,” and that he would “love to pass a law” that says “you can’t have an abortion in North Carolina for any reason.”
  • In New Hampshire, former U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte is doing damage control and lying about her vote to allow health care providers to deny families IVF and fertility care, as she faces scrutiny for pushing for a national abortion ban and serving as a “sherpa” for the extreme SCOTUS majority that overturned Roe v. Wade. Meanwhile, her primary opponent state Senator Chuck Morse “proudly led the charge” on New Hampshire’s abortion ban and voted against adding exceptions for rape or incest to the law.

Polling conducted earlier this year found that majorities of voters in both states oppose the overturning of Roe and prefer a governor who supports protecting abortion rights.