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New York Times: Mark Robinson Calls for Abortion Ban That Makes Women and Doctors “Guilty of Murder”

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New York Times: Mark Robinson Calls for Abortion Ban That Makes Women and Doctors “Guilty of Murder”

New reporting from the New York Times, which details how Mark Robinson uses “bombastic terms” to support dangerous plans that would push North Carolina “far to the right,” includes newly revealed comments from where Robinson calls for an extreme abortion ban that would criminalize women and doctors, saying, “That baby in your womb ain’t no clump of cells, and if you kill that child, you’re guilty of murder.” 

This is just the latest in Mark Robinson’s repeated attacks on abortion rights, women, and doctors in North Carolina. Robinson has previously said he would “love to pass a law” that says “you can’t have an abortion in North Carolina for any reason.”

The New York Times also highlighted some of Mark Robinson’s other most extreme comments, writing: “He has made comments widely seen as antisemitic. He once quoted Adolf Hitler on Facebook. He described the Parkland school shooting survivors who pushed for gun control as ‘spoiled, angry, know it all children.’”

“From attempting to pass a dangerous abortion ban without any exceptions to calling for criminalizing women and doctors, Mark Robinson’s toxic and dangerous extremism appears to have no end,” said DGA Communications Director Sam Newton. “This is just the latest example of why the future of reproductive freedom is on the ballot in November and North Carolina voters across party lines should reject Mark Robinson.”