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DeSantis’ Divisive and Discriminatory Agenda Costs Florida 2,000 New Jobs

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Ron DeSantis has made it difficult for businesses to bring new jobs and workers to Florida by signing discriminatory bills like “Don’t Say Gay,” with a new report from the Orlando Sentinel revealing that Disney is delaying moving 2,000 new jobs to Florida.

Ron DeSantis’ war with Disney after they spoke out against his “Don’t Say Gay” bill isn’t just costing Floridians new jobs, it will also raise taxes for Floridians to the tune of $2 billion, reports say. Some estimate it could raise property taxes by as much as 25% at a time when Floridians are already struggling with skyrocketing housing costs.

This is just the latest instance of Floridians paying the price for DeSantis’ self-serving political crusade. He refuses to take action to address skyrocketing housing costs and opposes lowering the cost of health care coverage by expanding Medicaid. DeSantis is also forcing Floridians to wait for relief on gas prices — just to wait until closer to the election.

“Not only is DeSantis bullying kids and censoring public schools, but he’s actively killing jobs with his political revenge scheme,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “DeSantis is sending a clear message to businesses and workers that not everyone is welcome in Florida.”