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Ron DeSantis Forces Floridians to Wait for Relief on Gas Prices Just to Boost His Reelection Odds

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Despite what he said in public, new records show Ron DeSantis is behind the ongoing gas tax holiday delay in Florida, as he pushed the legislature to wait to provide relief only for the month of October to benefit his reelection campaign.

The Tampa Bay Times first reported that Floridians “must wait nearly four months before they can save 25 cents on every gallon at the pump,” thanks to DeSantis. Now, Jason Garcia is adding in another report that “Ron DeSantis’ public campaign for a giant gas-tax cut was one of the more interesting dramas of this year’s legislative session. And now it looks like it was all just Kabuki theatre” because “now we know from public-records that DeSantis’ office suggested the October-only holiday.”

The report also notes that Republicans lied, writing: “the entire public premise for this decision — that October is a particularly low month for tourism in Florida — appears to be bunk.”

This is just the latest instance of Floridians paying the price for DeSantis’ self-serving agenda. DeSantis refuses to take action to address skyrocketing housing costs and opposes expanding and lowering the cost of health care coverage by expanding Medicaid. Estimates also show DeSantis’ political revenge scheme against Disney could raise property taxes for residents by as much as 25% at a time when Floridians are already struggling with skyrocketing housing costs.

“As Floridians are already stuck with skyrocketing housing and health care costs, they could be saving money on gas right now, but Ron DeSantis is forcing them to wait for critical relief just to boost his reelection odds,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “DeSantis only uses his power to promote himself and hurt anyone who disagrees with him — and it’s costing working families. It’s time for a leader in the governor’s office who puts Floridians first.”