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Brian Kemp Forced to Spend Millions on Defense in “No-Holds-Barred Political Fist Fight”

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As the “the divisive tone” of the Georgia Republican primary for governor “has only intensified in recent weeks,” new reports today show that Brian Kemp is being forced to spend $4.2 million on television ads to defend himself from David Perdue’s Trump-backed challenge.

This comes as the Hill writes, “Georgia’s hotly contested GOP gubernatorial primary is devolving into a no-holds-barred political fist fight, stirring concerns among some in the party that Republicans may be weakening their own chances of holding the governor’s mansion in November.”

Kemp and Perdue have “sparred mercilessly” in speeches, ads, and through surrogates. Donald Trump slammed Kemp in a Perdue ad, saying he “let us down.” He’s also called Kemp “a disaster” and “terrible.” 

The pressure pushed the RGA to spend over $530,000 on ads to defend Kemp — the first time the RGA has spent on ads to support an incumbent in a primary.

“Brian Kemp is throwing millions out the window to defend himself in a nasty Republican primary because he knows he’s deeply vulnerable, and the GOP infighting is only going to get worse,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “No matter who wins this nasty fight between Kemp and David Perdue that has nothing to do with the biggest issues that Georgians care about, the eventual nominee will enter the general election bruised and depleted of campaign funds.”