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5 Questions Debate-Dodging Kelly Schulz Should Answer Today

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Down in the polls, debate-dodging Kelly Schulz is holding a desperate press conference today, and it’s time for her to give some answers to the tough questions she’s been hiding from her entire campaign.

Dan Cox’s Trump endorsement and MAGA platform have made him the frontrunner in this nasty race defined by loyalty to Trump, while Schulz has spent the past few weeks skipping debates and trying to hide her extreme beliefs.

Marylanders deserve to know Schulz’s answers to these questions:

  • Do you believe Donald Trump incited violence on January 6th?
  • Will you condemn all Republicans who claim the 2020 presidential election was stolen?
  • Will you rule out supporting Trump for president in 2024?
  • You are repeating Brett Kavanaugh’s claim that abortion rights are “settled law,” but then why did you co-sponsor a bill to change the state constitution to effectively ban abortion with no exceptions?

“Since the start of this campaign, Kelly Schulz has remained silent on tough questions and refused to show up to debates in an effort to hide from Marylanders,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “That strategy is failing her, and Schulz should stop hiding from her radical record.”