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With Hatchet in Hand, Gov. Laura Kelly Launches Plan to Axe the Food Tax

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Today, Gov. Laura Kelly announced her plan to “Axe the Food Tax,” which will put extra savings in Kansans’ pockets, with a family of four estimated to save $500 per year.

Kansans currently pay more for groceries than people in most other states, and Gov. Kelly is delivering on her campaign promise to address the issue by completely eliminating the state food sales tax.

Gov. Kelly’s plan to cut the tax will help both families and Kansas’ main street businesses — without diverting resources away from other essential services. Axing the food tax means Kansans will spend their money in-state instead of going across the border to buy groceries.

“2022 is the year of the family tax cut,” said Gov. Kelly. “That means more money in every Kansans’ wallet, more money on our Main Streets, and more money in our economy.”

Gov. Kelly has the Kansas economy growing and the budget in order after the disastrous days of Sam Brownback and Derek Schmidt slashing public education and blowing up the state’s budget.

“Gov. Laura Kelly’s plan to ‘Axe the Food Tax’ will deliver massive savings for Kansans,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Thanks to Gov. Kelly’s strong and fiscally responsible leadership, Kansas is emerging from the pandemic even stronger — eliminating the food sales tax while still fully funding schools, fixing roads and bridges, and expanding access to high-speed internet.”