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DGA Statement on Derek Schmidt Entering Kansas Governor Race

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Today, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt announced he would pursue the Republican nomination for governor of Kansas.

DGA Executive Director Noam Lee issued the following statement:

“Derek Schmidt’s ultra-partisan agenda has been nothing but a disaster for Kansas. Schmidt has spent his career trying to rip health care away from Kansans and arguing against policies that would move the state forward.

“Schmidt has already made it clear how he would govern – he is a politician straight out of the same mold as Brownback and Kobach. Schmidt was instrumental in pushing Gov. Brownback’s failed policies, which gutted state government, public education, essential services, and the state’s ability to respond to crises. A return to these damaging policies is the last thing Kansas needs as it works to bring kids back to the classroom and help businesses and families recover. 

“Derek Schmidt would drag Kansas backwards into the failed days of the Brownback era. Gov. Laura Kelly has been a strong, bipartisan leader from Day One, from cleaning up the disaster left by Brownback to keeping Kansans safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, and ensuring the state gets back on its feet. We look forward to working with Gov. Kelly in her second term.”