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Ultra-Conservative Darren Bailey Becomes Clear Front-Runner in GOP Race for Illinois Governor

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With less than two weeks until the primary, far-right extremist Darren Bailey has broken into a commanding lead, becoming the clear front-runner in the Republican race for Illinois governor.

Today, a new independent poll showed Bailey up by a whopping 18 points — the fourth poll to show him leading the pack in the past couple of weeks. Add that to last night’s endorsement from uber-conservative Congresswoman Mary Miller and former Trump advisor Steve Cortes’ company on the campaign trail, and Bailey seems to be clearing a path to the nomination.

Meanwhile, Richard Irvin — best known for dodged questions, corrupt pay-to-play deals, and half-truths — has flailed for weeks, but these lagging numbers may be the final nail in the coffin. With the primary just days away, Irvin’s praying for a miracle to even come close to making up Bailey’s huge lead.

“The numbers don’t lie. With just days to go until the primary, ultra-conservative Darren Bailey is clearly the front-runner in the race for governor — and his lead is only growing,” said DGA Illinois Press Secretary Yael Sheinfeld. “A Governor Darren Bailey is a danger to Illinoisans everywhere. With his far-right extremist stances on everything from abortion to guns to COVID, Darren Bailey is far too conservative for our state.”