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Far-Right Front-Runner Darren Bailey Campaigns with Former Trump Advisor Steve Cortes, Securing Spot as Conservative Candidate for Governor

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If Darren Bailey’s stance as the single most conservative candidate for governor was ever in question, this week’s happenings on the campaign trail undoubtedly sealed the deal. After endorsing the far-right extremist on Steve Bannon’s podcast last month, former Trump advisor and self-proclaimed “American nationalist” Steve Cortes this week joined Bailey downstate for his bus tour.

At a campaign stop yesterday, Cortes revealed the details of a recent conversation where he told Trump that “Illinois absolutely is in play” and threw his support behind Illinois Republicans: “This is a wave election year, and we are going to send Mary Miller back to Washington DC and we’re going to put Darren Bailey in the governor’s office in Springfield.”

There’s no doubt that the far-rights of the far-right think Bailey is the true conservative for Illinois.

Meanwhile, there’s growing likelihood that Trump will endorse Bailey in a potential visit to the Prairie State — especially given new polls showing Bailey solidly leading the pack ahead of the primary. It’s an endorsement Bailey’s been vying for since meeting with the former president in Mar-a-Lago, and a show of support that would only widen Bailey’s significant lead.

“With Cortes’ resounding support and an endorsement from Trump himself at play, far-right extremist Darren Bailey’s leaving no room for doubt. He is, without question, the single uber-conservative candidate for governor,” said DGA Illinois Press Secretary Yael Sheinfeld. “Voters know the truth: Darren Bailey is too conservative for Illinois.”