Star of RGA Ad Accused of Assault, Harassment, and Stalking Women and Children

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The star of a Republican Governors Association ad in Arizona was accused by multiple women — including minors — of assault, harassment, threats, and stalking.

Frank Lee Milstead, the former head of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, was accused by a woman of physical violence that required the victim to seek professional psychological counseling support. The woman and two teenagers filed an Order of Protection against Milstead ordering him to not have contact with the them and not to go to or near their home, workplace, or schools.

Milstead was featured in a 30-second ad for the RGA in the Arizona governor’s race. The Order was filed against Milstead in June 2022, and the RGA’s ad began airing in August 2022, begging the question of whether or not the RGA was aware of these disturbing charges when they chose to feature Milstead.

This is the second time the RGA has run an ad in Arizona featuring an individual with a questionable background, having also featured a QANON-linked woman.

“The RGA should condemn Milstead for his violent and threatening behavior against women and children and apologize for featuring him in an ad as a representative of law enforcement,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Their silence in the face of these serious allegations proves they couldn’t care less about actual public safety. They only care about scoring political points.”