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New RGA Ad Puts QAnon Coalition’s Conspiracy Theories Front and Center

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The RGA is putting the MAGA extremism of their far-right slate of candidates front and center in a new TV ad in Arizona featuring a QAnon-linked conspiracy theorist.

The woman in the ad, Traci Hansen, attended a march on the Arizona Capitol organized by a QAnon and Big Lie conspiracy theorist who also organized Stop the Steal events. Hansen has also spread baseless COVID lies online, raised money for a QAnon-supporting organization under criminal investigation, and embraced violent anti-government rhetoric.

RGA-endorsed candidates across the country have dangerous ties to QAnon, including Kari Lake in Arizona, Dan Cox in Maryland, and Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania.

This week, Lake added to her track record of campaigning with Nazi sympathizers and QAnon activists by endorsing a homophobic and antisemitic candidate who’s called being gay “disgusting” and said, “The Jews, Illuminati, Covid shots kill,” among other hateful comments.

Just weeks ago, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, who co-chairs the RGA, was attacking “Fake Lake” on national TV. But now, Ducey and the RGA proudly promote Lake and her Q-Anon-linked backers.

“Since their A-team of candidates bombed in the primaries, the RGA is stuck with the Q-team and their wildly out-of-touch beliefs,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “This ad shows the RGA is fully embracing their far-right candidates’ dangerous QAnon conspiracy theories.”