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Running Into the Weekend Like Richard Irvin

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Irvin on Day 10 of Dodging Questions

Another week has come and gone, and Richard Irvin is still hiding from reporters and Illinoisans. The DGA is holding Radio Silent Richard accountable at this new site.

This week, Irvin released his first TV ad filled with lies and got caught on camera running away from the press. All the while, he’s yet to meet with voters, hold a public event, or answer any questions from the media.

Since declaring his candidacy almost two weeks ago, Irvin’s faced no shortage of questions — but he doesn’t seem to have any answers just yet.

He’s been slammed by his Republican opponents for his previous praise of Gov. JB Pritzker and asked when he’ll start taking interviews — to which he vaguely replied, “real soon.”

Once Irvin finally makes himself available to Illinoisans, he’ll have to answer for the unpopular Rauner Reboot platform he’ll likely run on under billionaire Ken Griffin’s guidance.

“If Richard Irvin thinks he can skate by this crowded, nasty GOP primary without answering questions, he’s sorely mistaken,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Irvin made it to another weekend without having to answer for his flip-flopping and unpopular platform — but his Republican opponents, reporters, and Illinoisans will get their chance to hold him accountable soon.”